Renewable First

    Mapping Actual Gas Power Plants Operation vs. Theoretical Optimum Range

    Busting The Myths Series

    Step into the realm of truth with Renewables First as we debunk prevalent misconceptions surrounding renewable energy through research evidence. Contrary to popular belief, Pakistan doesn’t need to hinge solely on non-renewable sources for baseload power. Far from consuming vast land areas, wind energy proves space-efficient and potent. The notion of gas being an essential mid-transition fuel comes under scrutiny, and we challenge the widely-held view that local coal remains the most economical choice for Pakistan. The series helps us separate myth from reality and champion a sustainable energy future.

    Baseload - 01

    Renewable energy can be a reliable source of electricity in Pakistan, and the idea of a baseload problem is a myth. It's time to challenge the persistence of baseload bias in Pakistan's energy planning and embrace renewable energy as a viable and reliable source of electricity.

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    Gas as Mid-Transition Fuel - 02

    Despite the evidence indicating that excessive reliance on gas would lead to a climate crisis, some policymakers and decision-makers persist in perpetuating this notion as a viable transition fuel. In this chapter, we delve deeper into the myth that gas is a "cleaner" fossil fuel and can aid in the shift to clean energy.

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    Dispelling the Misconception that Wind Energy is Land Intensive - 03

    This chapter debunks the myths surrounding wind energy. Focusing on concerns such as land scarcity, competition with other land uses, and the belief that conventional power plants require less land than wind farms.

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