Renewable First

    Renewable Energy Developers’ Forum – Vision

    The deployment of renewable energy technologies in Pakistan requires a lot of questions and knowledge that is either unavailable to the public or shrouded in doubt due to changing policies and plans. Different provinces have varied land and development policies, and lack of clarity which often slows down the process. New entrants and potential investors are disincentivized through such unclear mechanisms, resulting in regulatory hurdles to RE deployment and penetration. Towards this end, Renewables First has developed a forum for RE developers with the aim of knowledge sharing, educating, training, and empowering them.

    The RE developers’ forum seeks to help its members get acquainted with the complexities of energy markets, federal and provincial policies, and regulatory hurdles. This will be done through the mutual support of the members as well as through researchers at Renewables First and external institutes. The forum not only strengthens the voice of existing developers but also essentially helps new and small ones establish themselves as legitimate stakeholders. It is a platform for members to propose ideas and open up new partnerships and networking opportunities. Renewables First advocates an industry-led inclusive energy transition in Pakistan and hopes members of the forum will also be able to gain a common voice in the national and provincial policy space.

    Following are the training and knowledge-sharing areas for the forum members:

    1. Education of the small RE developers in Pakistan.
    2. Streamlining Consultation Process for Auctions and CTBCM.
    3. Transition of the RE market from FiT to a Competitive Market.
    4. Protection and promotion of indigenous developers.
    5. Application of system-level approach based on cost-competitiveness, reliability, sustainability, socio-economic development, local industrialisation, and value creation. Countering the threat of monopolisation and cartelisation within a Competitive RE market.
    6. Advocacy and design input forum for CTBCM and Auctions markets.