Renewable First


    CPEC 2.0 – A Renewable Renaissance for Energy

    The journey of friendship between Pakistan and China is a remarkable odyssey that began over seven decades ago, rooted in...

    October 16, 2023


    Assessing the Viability of Green Ammonia for the Fertilizer Industry of Pakistan

    Pakistan’s agriculture, which contributes a substantial 22.64% to the nation’s GDP, is deeply intertwined with the fertilizer industry, crucial for...

    September 28, 2023


    Powering Pakistan’s Future, A Plexos Based Study

    The electricity needs of Pakistan are growing each year. In the Fiscal Year (FY) 2022, a total of 154 TWh...

    July 24, 2023


    Busting The Myths Series

    Step into the realm of truth with Renewables First as we debunk prevalent misconceptions surrounding renewable energy through research evidence....

    June 22, 2023